Trees for the Wood

Matt Denniss has done a great job in tracking down enough saplings for the Eliasson installation – acres of saplings in a wood owned by the National Trust on Thurstaston Common on the Wirral. The NT staff have been incredibly helpful and will be felling the trees over the next few weeks for us. The Warden Jon Twigg told Matt that the land was rented by the Trust to a private individual who used to grow Christmas trees on it. The business was unsuccessful so the land was left to grow, unmanaged. The result has been an unusually dense growth or ‘re-gen’ of the area. Everything that you can see in the photos has grown in just ten years. It mainly consists of silver birch, but there is some sycamore and  pine remaining. The Trust wants to return the land for farming, and it had been earmarked to be cleared anyway. Jon works with Drug and Alcohol rehabilitation groups who volunteer on the common, and they will be helping to cut down remove the material.

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