Larissa Sansour & Oreet Ashery In Conversation

After hearing exhibition-inspired poetry from John McAuliffe, the final talk of the day was from Israel born artists Larissa Sansour and Oreet Ashery on their experimental graphic novel The Novel of Nonel and Vovel. In the novel Larissa and Oreet become superheroes, a device which is used to explore day to day life and politics in Palestine.

Oreet on the ideas behind the book “Palestine is a place in which fantasy does not seem so far fetched, for instance I became a weapons instructor at 19 due to military conscription. And so the idea of a superhero book seemed to make sense, we could deconstruct the situation whilst making the politics more accessible.”

Larissa on the links between politics and her art “We make art about what we know, and in our case we have to make art about politics.”

Larissa Sansour’s video work Soup Over Bethlehem (2006) continues to show as part of the exhibition. For more information on Oreet Ashery visit her website.


One response to “Larissa Sansour & Oreet Ashery In Conversation

  1. Artists Oreet Ashery and Larissa Sansour have created the triptych Nonel and Vovel’s Inferno especially for exhibition Progress Reports: art in an era of diversity at Rivington Place. The large artwork is on display in the large window overlooking Rivington Street from 28 January – 13 March and is a continuation of the work from their graphic novel The Novel of Nonel and Vovel. The work deals with theme surrounding the occupation of Palestine and is made all the more interesting by the collaboration between the two artists, Oreet being Isreali and Larissa, Palestinian.In this film Oreet Ashery discusses symbolism in the piece, her collaboration with Larissa as well as their project Falafel Road Residency.

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